2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

Led by new recruit and team captain Hupy Hupy, the Crimson Tide Pirates have made their impression felt at the upper echelon of Sea of Thieves competition. The Notorious Arena League features some of the most excellent and highly skilled pirates that play the game.

The roster consists of Hupy, Paytria, new recruit IAPK, MrGrimm, with Pickles, KoreVirus & BlownBoats in reserve.

So far the team have been able to keep pace with the likes of Quick Reaction Force, The Highwaymen  & Grave Tides, with many quality crews nipping at our heels on points. Interestingly we have a higher average than some of the top teams when it comes to some of the match statistics, so it will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds as it continues through the season.

So far QRF (Quick Reaction Force) remain undefeated and are certainly the team to beat. Will Crimson Tide rise to the occasion and be the crew to dethrone the champions?

Round 1 Streams:

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Notorious Arena League


We did it! We finally made it to the top. A clean sweep in the grand final of Dread Pirate Doug’s Race of Legends and we have officially been crowned Grand Champions!

Check out the action here. Race 2 gets a little crazy!

Watch Tournament of Champions FINAL ROUND of the SEMI FINALS from DreadPirateDoug on www.twitch.tv

Special mentions to Doug and his crew of Legendary First Mates, Owl, Mike & Kaitzu and everyone else who contributes to making the race happen.

Special mentions to my loyal crew, the A team: Nugly, Pickles & UndeadlyTime. These 3 performed faultlessly, kept level heads when the pressure was on and proved their worth in every way possible. Without a strong crew like we have, this victory and others we have gloriously taken on our road to the finals would be a mere impossibility.

Looking back on our Season 2 Race of Legends journey, it has been nothing short of epic within the realms of the video gaming world. Still hurting from our bitter Season 1 Grand Final disappointment, our first few bouts on the Ancient Isles course left plenty to be desired. Our 1st appearance was at an ungodly hour in AEST terms- I had the alarm set for 4.30am and had the Xbox console rigged up in the bedroom. 3 manning the race with Nugly & UndeadlyTime, to cut a long story short, we lost, concluded we had better actually practice, and I drifted back to sleep with the headset still on.

Our 2nd & 3rd appearances were better showings although not good enough to trouble newcomer teams in the rankings. 1 victory out of 4 races had us seeded at number 5 behind ‘Glub Glub’ (undefeated), ‘Sanitarium Crew’, ‘The Iron Reavers’, and our arch rivals ‘The Banana Bois’. Ahead of the Grand Championship it looked to be a complete takeover of the event by rookie crews, not to detract from their ability. All competing crews in season 2 have been no joke and the skill level needed to be in the mix has without a doubt taken a quantum leap. This is a fierce competition which I could be forgiven for occasionally having a little doubt gnaw at me from time to time.

But true to their fashion and ever enigmatically, the Crimson Tide boys rallied behind their captain and got the job done. I was quietly confident things would unfold the way they did, but that wasn’t without some crazily intense moments in Race 2! The satisfaction after the race was won was out of this world, while something inside me knew that we were finally in our rightful place. A little piece of video gaming history, in the one and only racing league within the Sea of Thieves- undisputed Grand Champions!

We get a 2 ship alliance happening and start stacking loot for Adipem’s infamous sinking. Note the sinking isn’t included in this video, head to Twitter to check that out- twitter.com/blownboats