2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

Dreams were shattered in the inaugural running of DreadPirateDoug’s Race Of Legends Grand Championship, but not after a legendary fight from the Crimson Tide Pirates.

Racing is tough. Even on a good day when you do everything right, things can take a turn for the worse and it can be completely out of your control. When the unexpected happens, you accept it and move on knowing there was nothing you could’ve improved to better the situation.

Then there are the times when you just stuff up in the heat of the moment. One small judgement call seems to alter the course of history forever, and that is certainly the feeling among the Crimson Tide camp at the moment.

We had that race, it was there for the taking. Whilst certain elements of the final didn’t go in our favor, we can’t blame it on luck this time. We’ve had our share of mid-race encounters before, with multiple Kraken’s, Megaladons and Skeleton Ships ramming us as we are crossing the finish line. Heck, we’ve even been wiped out by the camera boat and laughed about it putting us behind. The only aspect of bad luck this time around were the terribly long black screens.

While our opponents adopted the very strategy we beat them with at our last meeting, we made the mistake of adopting the very strategy we’ve always avoided- anchoring! A sensible option during a storm, as was the general consensus among our ranks. I had a gut instinct to push the capstan before disembarking for Hidden Spring Keep, but the pressure of the situation got the better of me. In hindsight we’d have been victors had we taken our usual option to keep the ship under way.

But it was not to be. We must remember that it was most certainly not a fault of any 1 individual, nor will we fail as a team to learn from the mistake.

What a race though! We were on the ropes from the start after the initial onslaught of cursed cannonballs but managed to edge back in front. Despite the final result, there are numerous positives for us to take away from the racing and the March Madness Tournament in general. Here are just a few:

  • Crimson Tide Pirates were the number 1 seed for the tournament. That means we had the fastest race time out of the 10 qualifiers.
  • We were competing against passionate crews of pirates who wanted that real life booty. The Crew Of The Revenge, SEACRU, and of course Banana Bois are ultra competitive, believed they could win and worked well as teams. The one time we went down was only by a slim margin.
  • We competed in 2 of the closest races seen to date in the Race Of Legends. In the finals there were several lead changes in both races and a couple of nasty cursed cannon ball battles, and pretty solid sailing from all crews involved.
  • Our PVP encounters bring heat, we hold our own!
  • Over two thirds of tipsters included Crimson Tide in their prediction brackets.
  • We have emerged as front runners in the Race Of Legends community.
  • There is a good network of community minded players involved in the Race and there looks to be a bright future for the competition.

The overall performance of the Crimson Tide Pirates was solid. Big thanks (and a round of applause please) to the loyal pirates who competed for us this time around- there were 5 including myself (BlownBoats), my son Kaiza, first mate Nugly, along with 2 of his real life buddies Undeadly Time and Predator. Special mention to Nugly who is an integral part to our team, takes out all the opposition (and camera crew) on most occasions in the outpost leg of the race, and also ran solo in the 2v2 sloop race on short notice.

Congratulations to the Banana Bois who are tasting victory tonight. A respectable crew both in the winners circle and in defeat. We at Crimson Tide look forward to our next encounter.

Big thanks to Championship sponsor Nerd Propellant, check them out here >. Would really like to have been taking all 4 of those Stronghold Skulls home for the crew but am grateful for the 1 I’ve won in the bracket competition!

Also thanks and congratulations to Twitch streamer @DreadPirateDoug for the completion of his first event season. Check out his website at www.raceoflegends.com. Go ahead and register a crew for the next race!


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