2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

On this cruise Nugly & I (Captain Big Daddy Boats) were honored to be joined by 2 pirates new to our crew, Firebolt Goddess and Monkey Wilder. We even had a rare appearance from Kaiza toward the end of our Sea of Thieves adventure.

Firebolt Goddess lives up to her name and relishes the PVP game which was super convenient considering the hostile nature of the server we were on. We may have started a tussle or two but regardless of that Ms. Firebolt took care of anyone who looked like getting near our ship. No wonder, this Dead Eye Seadog is no stranger in hand-to-hand combat and can definitely handle herself. Luckily for the Crimson Tide Pirates, Nugly was fortunate to meet the Goddess in-game and the 2 seemed to have a lot in common. So from the captain, welcome aboard Firebolt!

At times this cruise felt like an endless barrage of incoming cannon fire. We must have used near 200 planks on this journey as the attacks just kept on coming. Also joining the ranks was Monkey Wilder who among other courageous acts was kept busy below keeping our vessel afloat. Solid work indeed, we didn’t go under once! Come to think of it, I actually have no idea who this chap is or where he came from…

Anyways, here’s to high tides and broad sides!


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