2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

Watch Race of Legends March Madness Round 2 (The Push for the Final 4) from DreadPirateDoug on www.twitch.tv


The Crimson Tide Galleon blew the competition away in round 2 of the Race of Legends with one of our best ever race times to date, smashing our way into the final 4 for the inaugural March Madness Grand Championship with a time of 18 minutes & 18 seconds!

After an initial exchange of cursed cannonballs at the starting line, the Crimson Tide Pirates were away with a decent lead heading south and were first to the tavern. Here the Crew of The Revenge took out most of the Crimson team, but not before 3 of us got our ‘grogs’ down. Nugly was able to take one of them down which helped to slow the progress for The Revenge.

I (BlownBoats) was alone very late in the piece finishing off my tankard whilst 2 of the remaining crewman from The Revenge eventually chased me down while under the influence!

Check out a competitors perspective with this video from Revenge pirate Rep Raptor98:

By the time we rounded Hidden Spring Keep we had a hefty lead, but I wanted more. Full sail the whole way round almost cost us the lap- I was left swimming with crew mate Predator for a good distance back to the fort while Nugly and Kaiza waited in agonizing suspense. Making matters worse, we were flanked by 3 sharks!

Fortunately I was running before they got their 2nd bite into me and from here I was certain we were home. A slight course correction upon returning to the ship saw us take it home in our best race time to date. Dare I say, a time good enough to rival legends of the seas, The Red Dogs, who have been absent from this competition.

The Crew Of The Revenge fought gallantly and did well, meeting us after defeating Merrow Wanna Game in their knockout race. Thanks to Rep Raptor & his crew for competing.

Team SEACRU are also through to the finals to meet us in the qualifier after an amazing comeback in their preliminary race against Rogue Legends. A critical error by the Rogue Legends combined with a never say die attitude from the Seacru team saw them comeback from an impossible gap.

All 4 crews set to compete this weekend are in outstanding form, we are set for 3 of the best races ever seen in Sea of Thieves. The winner of our race will face of with the winner from DADS Pirates VS Banana Bois in the Grand Final.

We will be giving it our best shot!

Big shout out to DreadPirateDoug & his crew of helpers who get this event together. They spend hours every weekend preparing a server for us to enjoy. Many thanks!

Special mentions to each of the Crimson Crew- Nugly who was ever vicious as always, Predator- a relative newbie to the game who stood in for an absentee, his performance was faultless. Last but not least, Kaiza, this kiddo is going places and we’re all glad he could be part of this event. A solid crew of outstanding pirates, thank you!



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