2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

The Sea of Thieves gaming community continues to offer even more unique experiences by way of both professional and community based competitive events. Whatever the stakes, competition has never been more fierce.

12 months ago, my thirst for more enhanced experiences in the Sea of Thieves led me to a hunt on Twitter for anything sporting the ‘#seaofthieves’ hashtag. Eventually I spotted the word ‘Race’ which immediately caught my eye, being a massive fan of just about any type of racing on water. I immediately spoke with my regular crew about it, namely a certain pirate named Nugly, shortly thereafter the Crimson Tide Pirates were born.

The following 12 months were an incredible journey of highs & lows. Time and time again we tried at the Race of Legends, time and time again we seemed to fail. Continuous scrambles to fill positions in the crew, at times running with just the 2 of us. This early struggle forged our crew into what we are today- one of our main traits being the no-surrender attitude. Eventually we improved our game and started getting across the line first. Approaching the Grand Championship of Season 1, we had established ourselves as reliable competitors and from there the Crimson Tide group was able to expand and attract some outstanding players to bolster our lineup.

Arena Competition Raises The Bar

This year we were lucky enough to be introduced to the Sea of Thieves Arena – a competitive game mode battled out by 5 crews over 24 minutes. This condensed, action packed game mode changed the way people played the game and has produced some incredibly deadly pirates- high level aggressive PvP masters who want to show their dominance. These players have begun assembling in both community lead and professionally built Arena contests, namely the Notorious Arena League and the Sea of Champions.

We are set to debut in one of the upcoming NaL tournaments so be sure to keep an eye out for us there. Head to www.notoriousarenaleague.com for more information.

Podium finishes in Sea of Champions


Watch Sea of Thieves $1,000 Arena Tournament: Battle from the Gilded Citadel from SeaOfChampions on www.twitch.tv

The Crimson Tide Pirates were lucky enough to be selected for the Sea of Champions inaugural event, featuring some well known streamers of Sea of Thieves. Just being selected among such excellent pirates created a buzz within the camp and helped propel us into top tier cutthroat competition. The practice matches alone leading up to this event were high octane battles and we were able to learn a lot during this period.

Our crew consisted of myself, Nugly, Wesley Sanguin and special guest, Cutthroat Pirate & Grave Tides founder Ragetrox. Special mention to to Rage who came to us from his regular crew to assist us prepare for this type of competition. His influence on Nugly & I has immensely improved our group’s ability as a whole and his efforts will be remembered.

Unfortunately on this occasion, we were only able to win 1 of the 5 matches, finishing 2nd, 5th, 5th, 2nd & 1st respectively. This netted us 3rd position overall which, yes, is okay, but in a winner takes all situation anything other than 1st is a loss.

The preceding SoC tournament featured qualifying matches between 25 crews, 100 pirates in total. Our crew this time around consisted of myself, Hupy Hupy, MrGrimm81 and special guest PotterSauce. Again we were able to raise the bar and compete on all fronts, however a little bad luck combined with a minor blunder during the closing 3 minutes cost us the match. We had winning chest on board but lost a few of them during a fight at the outpost. View the action in the video below.

BlownBoats’s point of view in the SoC qualifier:

Once again, we finish on the podium which is commendable by all means, but also means we were knocked out of the tournament. 2 knockouts in 2 comps is a tough pill to swallow but we can find some respite knowing that we are right in the mix with some of the best crews in the game. If the qualifiers were to be decided over 3 or 5 matches instead of just the 1, I think we would have had a very good chance.

We will be entering Season 2 in the Sea of Champions- keep an eye out for us!

Heartbreak for the OG crew in 3rd Race of Legends Championship

Watch Race of Legends Anniversary Tournament FINALS!!Tonight we find our next Grand Champion!! from DreadPirateDoug on www.twitch.tv

Our 3rd competition in as many months was the Season 3 final of DreadPirateDoug’s Race of Legends. This is the course that runs from Kraken’s Fall to Galleon’s Grave, then to Isle of Last Words, then to Hidden Spring Keep, then back to Kraken’s fall.

1st up was the semi final which was a close race with the Rogue Legends. This crew did an amazing job and had the pressure on us right up until the end. We were a little lucky to win this one as both crews crossed the finish line gunnel to gunnel, Nugly was able to get the lantern lit for us 1st, signifying the win and the move up to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was against the Silver Blades- a streamer crew led by the lovely Kharites. We took care of Kharites’s crew in the Season 2 finals with ease, but this time they were 100% ready for us. A little bad luck entering Galleon’s Grave gave sharp shooter Foxdie the upper hand in the PvP battle that ensued- he held all 3 of our landlubbers up, killed 2 of them, and gave his crew chance to get away with the early lead. From here we were able to close the gab but unfortunately not able to gain the lead and get the job done. We raced so closely and never gave up, but we just missed out lighting the beacon at the end- a fine play by the Silverblades to tack to starboard and catch wind right at the finish line.

The feeling we get after going down like that is difficult to describe. It is all encompassing at first. The most difficult part is accepting that despite hours of practice & knowing that we have what it takes to win, at the time when it mattered most we faulted under the pressure.

Handling pressure situations is exactly what these types of high level competition are about. Keeping calm when it gets heavy is what helps guide a ship through a storm- any type of panic or fumble costs dearly. The results are final, part of history, unchangeable.

All we can do is dust ourselves off and try again, which we will! You can trust the Crimson Tide Pirates to be the first to sign up for Season 4 of the Race of Legends, scheduled to start in January 2020. This season we will be rotating the crew around and possibly enter 2 teams to mix things up a bit. Jump onto our discord for more details on that: https://discord.gg/ftzGB3

Also head to www.raceoflegends.com to find out more & enter your crew!



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