2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

We get a 2 ship alliance happening and start stacking loot for Adipem’s infamous sinking. Note the sinking isn’t included in this video, head to Twitter to check that out- twitter.com/blownboats

The mighty Kraken has become legend of the seas, haunting sailors from the depths and taking countless victims to their doom. Most pirates of The Sea of Thieves have encountered the beast at some point and felt her wrath, as have the Crimson Tide Pirates on many occasion.

We have been sunk by the Kraken before, usually due to being caught unprepared or copping the raw end of a glitch (such as the bucket going missing from player inventories) and we know her patterns and what the eventual cause of our demise is. Getting sunk by this abomination is part of the learning process and we know how to effectively combat her.

This sailing story commenced just 30 minutes prior to the scheduled maintenance window, so Adi and I thought we’d have plenty of time to speed through a Merchant voyage. We scored a good one too, 7 chooks easily obtainable from nearby Crooks Hollow. So off we went, with a sturdy looking 3rd pirate legend whom we had just met the tavern. Going by the name ‘I Am The DipX’ he’d been good enough to fit the ship out for us and was a welcome addition to the crew.

Full billow for 3 minutes, then she struck.

Kraken gone mad

I pull the usual evasive maneuver and try to turn about and exit back out of the Kraken’s reach. This is about the point I feel something is right strange about her as what seemed an excessive number of aggressive tentacles reared their heads and started their noxious screaming. Here’s where I feel it got a little weird.

NO amount of cannon fire seemed to stall her. Bang, we’re slapped on one side. Creak, she’s wrapped us already. Whoosh, both Adi & I are sucked up into the air at the same time. Luckily our 3rd, highly capable, kept the Brig afloat as I was drowned and Adi was flung a nautical mile across the map.

I return from the ferry to the ship still being wrapped, full of water. We save her and fight the tentacles off, right before the whole process started again. This thing was vicious. Suddenly I go over thoughts of Rare Ltd. developers messing with us by controlling the beasts they put in their world. Are they having a lend of us or what!?

Back from the ferry a 2nd time, same deal, we’re wrapped & full of water. We save her, get wrapped and slapped again, and use up the remainder of our resources. Still we fight on. In between buckets, we fire our guns at the Kraken. But she was too much. Again we are wrapped and this time succumbed to her mighty wrath. Adi is drowned in the process, we lose our sailing master and cook in one fowl sweep.

I struggle back to our remaining rowboat, even manage to salvage a chest from a downed tentacle. I decide to make a run for the outpost and at least cash in the loot. That’s when my fears were realized, another hyper aggressive wave from the Kraken and woosh, she’s sucked me up straight off the oars of the rowboat. Then, what felt like a taunting slow motion action, she pointed me at the black water, held me there for a moment and then dunked me in. I thought this would be the end, but just when I had the slimmest amount of life left in me, she pulls me out the water! I thought I may yet live.

I did not.

The jaws of the massive mouth that held me squirmed as I slashed for my life, then they closed, the worlds light escaped me, and I was consumed. Totally creeped the heck out to be honest. Since when could the Kraken do this?

Anyway, I respawned in the most beautiful location. A profound moment with the game gods. Took this pic below:

My view after returning from the Kraken's belly
My view after returning from the Kraken’s belly


Chef extraordinaire Adipem Morionem teams up with retired cutthroat Kev ‘The Angler’ Nocturnal to deliver over 32 tonnes of fish. Meanwhile Nugly and Boats do pirate stuff too as we all settle in to the new ship mechanics, fishing activities and our new favorite tool, the HARPOON!