2X Race of Legends

Notorious Arena League Runners Up
Inaugural Sea of Champions Competitors

Sea of Thieves - Race of Legends Semi Finals Double Win

Another Stellar Semi Finals Double Win

Season 2 of Dread Pirate Doug’s Race Of Legends is drawing to a close and I am honored to have a worthy crew and be part of the 2nd Tournament of Champions.

Coming in as a 5th seed in tremendous competition, we were at a different starting point compared to our Season 1 number 1 seeding and found ourselves in a brutal knockout final against well renowned Sea of Thieves die hard crew, The Iron ReaversĀ  headed by talented streamer and content creator ‘Krotukk’. The Reavers were a late replacement for newcomers The Racoons and these guys deserve the respect of the Race of Legends community, having performed at such an elite level in just their very first showing in the competition.

We had the Iron Reavers on toast right from the beginning with a classy start to the usual exchange of cursed cannonballs. This first leg of the race was impeded on by a savage storm and it gave the Reavers an opportunity to close the gap, which they did. I knew these guys would seize any opportunity they had and I was alarmed at how quickly they caught up, especially after our blunder with an anchor turn at the Fort, leaving us facing the wrong way!

Mutineer rock saw the Reavers take a narrow lead after killing 3 of our crew around the row boating. Uncharacteristically, Master-at-Arms Nugly left the ship low on health and without healers and we thought this had tipped the balance for good. But in true CTP fashion, we never said die, never gave up and kept on trying. What I noticed at this point was a head wind, and the Reavers pulling in sail as they approached Thieves Haven. A wise move while navigating the tight space, but I saw this as our opportunity. Full sail heading into the Haven and suddenly we were right on their hammer. All I needed was for them to make one mistake, which they did! Beached on the sandbar at the exit of Thieves Haven, we rounded the Reavers on the outside and harpoon turned within inches of their gunnel, taking a narrow lead. Krottuk tried desperately to nudge back in front, even landing a weary ball on us, but it wasn’t enough. Our sail game was better and was what made the difference in the race today. My most memorable Race Of Legends to date!

Our 2nd run was an amazing feat of skill and team work, coming up against the undefeated ‘Glub Glub’ headed by popular Twitch streamer Kharites. This smiling assassin is no joke and has a loyal well orgainized and experienced crew. Glub Glub stormed the Race of Legends scene in season 2, heading straight to the top by defeating every crew in their path, earning them the number 1 seed for the Tournament of Champions. Truth be told there were lengthy discussions in the lead up to the semi finals as we pondered how to combat such worthy opponents. After extensive preparations we were ready and on our A game which to our surprise enabled us a relatively easy win, propelling us into our 2nd consecutive Tournament of Champions Race of Legends final, against our old rivals ‘The Banana Bois’!

Some may recall our bitter season 1 final race loss which saw the Banana Bois pip us on the final turn at Hidden Spring Keep. It took us a good while to get over that one and we are eager to make amends for that fateful performance. We know these guys didn’t win by chance, they are solid competitors and are in fact clear favorites to take the win again this Sunday.

Knocking champions from their perch is what we love to do. The Banana Bois are in our sights now!

Race Of Legends is LIVE this Saturday 20th July, 6pm EST. Check out twitch.tv/dreadpiratedoug to view the action!


Race of Legends - Season 2 Week 3


Astounding victory for the Crimson Tide boys in this weekend’s Race Of Legends.

Special thanks to our fearsome crew mates Teelop and Ghaanja for stepping in on short notice. Flawless performances from these two ensured our victories.

CLUTCH WIN: taking the lead exiting Thieves Haven under moonlight

It was not without adversity. Missed the first leg of the race and had to double back which cost us a healthy lead. Made up a heap of time on leg 2, further improved by some quick action from the cutthroats. From here we were neck and neck, heading into the all important turn at Thieves Haven which leads to the finish. We took “Nugly’s Corner” which although a longer route gave us a direct line to the finish along with the weather gauge, giving us a clutch victory against season 1 competitors the Foul Mouthed Scoundrels.

Next up we had a formidable opponent in Sanitarium Crew, headed by fellow Aussie captain AsylumGC8 who is a regular Twitch streamer (check out his Twitter page here). The Sanitarium Crew is absolutely quality, tight knit and we knew before the start we’d be pressed to come away winners.

Nugly, our Master Of Arms, making ready cannon while the other crew navigate

Full credit to the crew, we did just that in what is officially the closest race in R.0.L history to date! Must congratulate Nugly on the quick action with the weapons at the finish line, taking out Wobby The Pirate in the dying seconds of the race and giving us the win. Living up to his recently acquired title of ‘Master of Arms’!

Will post a link to Doug’s vid here soon!