Led by new recruit and team captain Hupy Hupy, the Crimson Tide Pirates have made their impression felt at the upper echelon of Sea of Thieves competition. The Notorious Arena League features some of the most excellent and highly skilled pirates that play the game.

The roster consists of Hupy, Paytria, new recruit IAPK, MrGrimm, with Pickles, KoreVirus & BlownBoats in reserve.

So far the team have been able to keep pace with the likes of Quick Reaction Force, The Highwaymen  & Grave Tides, with many quality crews nipping at our heels on points. Interestingly we have a higher average than some of the top teams when it comes to some of the match statistics, so it will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds as it continues through the season.

So far QRF (Quick Reaction Force) remain undefeated and are certainly the team to beat. Will Crimson Tide rise to the occasion and be the crew to dethrone the champions?

Round 1 Streams:

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Notorious Arena League