Astounding victory for the Crimson Tide boys in this weekend’s Race Of Legends.

Special thanks to our fearsome crew mates Teelop and Ghaanja for stepping in on short notice. Flawless performances from these two ensured our victories.

CLUTCH WIN: taking the lead exiting Thieves Haven under moonlight

It was not without adversity. Missed the first leg of the race and had to double back which cost us a healthy lead. Made up a heap of time on leg 2, further improved by some quick action from the cutthroats. From here we were neck and neck, heading into the all important turn at Thieves Haven which leads to the finish. We took “Nugly’s Corner” which although a longer route gave us a direct line to the finish along with the weather gauge, giving us a clutch victory against season 1 competitors the Foul Mouthed Scoundrels.

Next up we had a formidable opponent in Sanitarium Crew, headed by fellow Aussie captain AsylumGC8 who is a regular Twitch streamer (check out his Twitter page here). The Sanitarium Crew is absolutely quality, tight knit and we knew before the start we’d be pressed to come away winners.

Nugly, our Master Of Arms, making ready cannon while the other crew navigate

Full credit to the crew, we did just that in what is officially the closest race in R.0.L history to date! Must congratulate Nugly on the quick action with the weapons at the finish line, taking out Wobby The Pirate in the dying seconds of the race and giving us the win. Living up to his recently acquired title of ‘Master of Arms’!

Will post a link to Doug’s vid here soon!